VICTORIA -- Mike Bernier says things need to change as road maintenance across the Peace Region becomes a cause for concern for many residents.

On March 7th, 2024, the MLA for Peace River South spoke with the transportation minister in Victoria to address the Taylor Bridge and upcoming renewals of road maintenance contracts.

“There’s a huge expectation by constituents that we are failing them,” said Bernier.

He says too many people have died driving on hazardous roads between Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, and Fort St. John, but insists the blame isn’t on the road maintenance companies.

“This isn't a critique of the road maintenance contractor but maybe the contract itself,” said Bernier.

He says it’s the contracts that are being signed with the province that are limiting road operations, and is asking that the Ministry of Transportation re-evaluate the terms. 

“When I talk with the road maintenance contractor, they're saying we do everything we can, but we're meeting our obligations under the contract,” said Bernier.

He says that the contractors understand that the roads aren’t the best, but they are doing what is afforded under the current agreement.

Bernier is looking to see more consultation with local governments to review the specifications of the current contract before a renewal takes place in an effort to make highways safer.

The current contract is approaching it’s third year of a five-year term.