ROLLA -- An application before the B.C. Supreme Court has forced the Peace River Regional District to halt plans to deconstruct the Rolla Dyke.

The dyke stretches southeast of the Rolla Creek watercourse to 215 Road, and was set to be decommissioned last year.

A group of residents who own land bordering the dyke have sought out legal representation from Vancouver-based lawyer Leslie Mackoff.

In an application, Mackoff says the lands surrounding the dyke would flood in the event of heavy rain fall.

In the '70s and '80s, before its construction, floods created gullies on the land and impacted top soil, making the plots harder to farm and to navigate heavy machinery around.

The PRRD, who have maintained the dyke since 1989 and budgeted $1500 yearly to its conservation, are citing increases in maintenance costs as the reason behind the decommissioning.

In 2022, the province approved the PRRD’s request for decommission which allowed for a contract valued at over $105.000 to be awarded to BBA Engineering Ltd. the following year.

The B.C. Supreme Court ordered the PRRD to ensure the safe condition of the dyke until civil claims are filed.