FORT ST. JOHN -- The Peace River Regional District will meet Thursday to discuss the future of the North Peace Leisure Pool.

Earlier this year, three options were proposed for a new enhanced facility set to replace the existing infrastructure in Fort St. John.

The options range in cost from $136 million to $284 million, and an additional $5.9 to $8.8 million in yearly operation costs.  

To pay for the project, the PRRD is proposing a tax increase in Fort St. John, Taylor, and in PRRD Areas B and C.

The latest report highlights new potential tax impacts for each of the facilities, that vary from $233 to $474 in Fort St. John, $153 to $311 in PRRD Area B, $273 to $556 in PRRD Area C, and $216 to $380 in Taylor based on the average priced property on a yearly basis.

The PRRD has been engaging with the community to determine the feasibility of the project, with a meeting being held tomorrow in Dawson Creek to discuss the outcomes of Phase Three community consultations.

An online survey conducted from May 6th through the 28th found two-thirds would be 'very' or 'moderately' comfortable paying an extra 30 to 40 dollars a month in taxes to pay for the project, with the majority against anything higher than that.

Respondents are also in support of the PRRD finding other ways to offset the cost, including grants, to lessen the burden on taxpayers.

Of the 452 people surveyed, the bulk of support for the facility moving forward came from residents in Fort St. John.

48 of the 56 participants in the city think the PRRD should move ahead.

In Taylor, the vote was split with four people for and four against.

While in PRRD Area B, only 15 people support building the facility.

Then in PRRD Area C, 25 people want to see the project move ahead.

A full report on community consultation, price structure, and tax implications is available on the PRRD website.