CHETWYND -- The Chetwynd Volunteer Fire Department is urging residents to follow BC Wildfire Service guidelines after responding to two brush fires over the weekend started by uncontained campfires.

Fire Chief Dan Golob says the first fire broke out near the Town Centre after a person started a campfire in a vacant lot that spread into a wooded area.

The second fire happened after strong winds caught flames and initiated a grass fire. 

The fire extended to outbuildings and a wooded area while a property owner was conducting a burn.

 "The area is extremely dry for this early in the year along with our windy conditions, make for a fast moving fire that easily get out of control," said the department in a social media post.

Crews were able to contain both fires with no injuries reported.

The fire department is now urging residents to follow BC Wildfire guidelines when having campfires.

Regulations set out by the BC Wildfire Service are as follows:

Campfire size - Campfires can only be half a metre in height and diameter in a contained ring. Any flames larger are considered category two open fires, which are currently prohibited across Northern B.C.

Eight litres or a hand tool – At least eight litres of water or a hand tool must be present while a campfire is lit.

Putting out the fire – Before leaving an area for any amount of time, fires must be fully extinguished with ashes cool to the touch.

Fuel break – The area around the campfire must be clear of debris or combustibles to prevent a fire from spreading.

A violation of the guidelines is punishable with a fine of up to $1,150.

More information on fire bans and restrictions can be found on the Government of British Columbia’s website.