DAWSON CREEK -- Dobby, a two-year-old husky and Labrador mix, was originally brought to a veterinary clinic in South Peace for care by his owner.

He had been attacked by a dog and had a large open wound on his leg exposing the bone, muscle and tendons.

After nine days of care, the owner decided to stop treatment and surrendered the dog to the BC SPCA. 

“We agreed to take on the remaining veterinary costs, as he had been through so much,” says Chelsea

Blackwell, manager of the BC SPCA’s South Peace Animal Centre.

Dobby’s care includes daily sedation to change his bandages. He will require sedation until his wounds have healed enough that the bandage change does not cause him pain.

Dobby is also wearing a splint to help his wound close.

“We have started transitioning Dobby to bandage changes every second to third day,” says Blackwell. “The bandage changes are necessary until the wound is closed and there is no longer any risk of infection,” said Blackwell

Blackwell adds that Dobby is a very brave dog and has never shown any signs of fear or aggression.

“His talkative husky side came out when his leg was put in a splint. He thought it was important to tell everyone he was not fond of it,” said Blackwell

The local vet staff who have been caring for Dobby have fallen in love with him and are excited to get his wound healed up so he can start his new life.

Dobby will be available for adoption in approximately two to three weeks. If you can help Dobby and other animals in need at the BC SPCA, please visit medical.spca.bc.ca.