DAWSON CREEK, BC -- Dawson Creek RCMP say they have become aware of vigilante activity in the area.

Police say they have had interactions with a group calling themselves the “Vigilante Group or “a Group of Concerned Citizens". The group has seemingly formed in response to increasing property crime.   

When asked if the group is actively patrolling the street, Sgt. Jaime Moffat could only say that police believe they are “keeping an eye on things.”

Sgt. Moffat says she understands the frustration around stolen property, and that police are working hard to address the issue. Police investigations are complex, and officers require time to collect and prepare evidence within strict legal standards to support criminal charges.

Police are urging people not to take matters into their own hands. Doing so could result in criminal charges, and could also impede police investigations.

Sgt. Moffat stressed the need for the community to work as a whole. Citizens are urged to report crimes to the RCMP detachment by calling (250) 784-3700 or through the online crime reporting tool. If the situation is an emergency, call 911.