DAWSON CREEK -- A large structure fire was discovered at a former auto body shop near the Lodge Motor Inn in Dawson Creek.

Emergency Personnel at the scene said the fire was called in at 11:40pm on Friday night. 

Fire crews arrived at the property at 11:55pm.

A full call out was issued for all firefighters in the area to fight the blaze.

Sparks appeared to be shooting off inside the building as crews continued to work.

The Peavey Mart parking lot, a nearby house, and the ambulance station were hit with burning debris.

However the damage on all properties was minimal. 

At 12:11am, a fireball exploded at the property. The Dawson Creek Fire Department said it was likely caused by a propane tank.

The fire continued to burn until the next morning due to the gas line still being active.

The Fire Department said they worked with Pacific Northern Gas and dug up the gas line.  

It was disconnected and the fire was put at around 8am.

The fire department said no injuries were sustained.

However, the building was burned to the ground and destroyed. 

The Dawson Creek RCMP said the fire hasn’t been deemed suspicious.

An investigation into the cause is ongoing.