Update: The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality and the Fort Nelson First Nationhas upgraded the following Evacuation Alert to an Evacuation Order as of 8:30 a.m. on Monday May 13, 2024, due to wildfire.

Impacted residents are being asked to leave immediately.

Evacuees can register at the North Peace Arena at 9805 96 Ave, Fort St. John.

A map of impacted area is available below.

A second Evacuation Alert has been issued by the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality after the Nogah Creek and Patry Creek wildfires have exploded in size.

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) issued the alert on Saturday after a similar alert was issued on Friday by the Fort Nelson First Nation.

The Evacuation Alert says there potential danger to life and health.

The Patry Creek Wildfire is burning out of control approximately 40 km from the junction of the Alaska Highway and Highway 77. It has exploded in size to 34,306 hectares.

The Nogah Creek is also burning out of control approximately 60 km east of Fort Nelson. It has grown from 500 hectares in size on Tuesday to 52,852 hectares by Saturday.

The BC Wildfire Service says the cause of both fires is suspected dry lightning strikes. Highway 77 remains closed due to the wildfires.

The Evacuation Alert is shown in the map below: 

  • At the north west corner along the existing Fort Nelson Community Evacuation Order Area from the top at 58.9628°N 122.5004°W to the east at 58.7454°N 121.8707°W 
  • To the south east corner 58.4865°N 121.8644°W following a line to the south west corner at 58.5349°N 122.8149°W 
  • Meeting the Fort Nelson Community Evacuation Order Area in the north east corner at 58.7497°N 122.9786°W 

Residents living in the Evacuation Alert area are being told to prepare to evacuate their premises or property should at a moments notice.