FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- The City of Fort St. John officially opened two capital projects. A Fire Training Centre and a Water Recovery Facility.

The new $1.6 million Fire Training Centre will allow firefighters to train locally instead of having to leave Fort St. John.

The three storey building includes two burn rooms, confined spaces and natural gas props like cars and dumpsters that can be set on fire.

The centre will help firefighters work on their skills and train for different scenarios.

Matt Troiano, Fort St. John’s Fire Training Officer, says this centre is beneficial.

“We’re just so fortunate at the Fort St. John Fire Department to have this, that our community provided for us. It gives us the opportunity to train a lot of skills we normally wouldn’t have the availability to”

City officials were busy today, as they also opened a new Water Recovery Facility.

The city can now take sewage and produce reclaimed water for industrial use.

The facility screens, filters, disinfects and then pumps water to customers.

The $9.5 million dollar project will produce water for industry as well as agricultural use.