FORT ST. JOHN -- WorKSafe BC has fined a Canadian energy company working in the Peace Region.

Tourmaline Oil Corp. has been handed a $16,784 fine for issues related to a work camp building near Wononon.

Tourmaline owns the industrial camp that is maintained by a subcontracted camp services provider.

WorkSafeBC inspected the camp and discovered buildings that had unlevel or rotting floors, and fire doors and firebreaks that were not functioning as designed.

Untreated sewage was also observed under the dorm buildings and WorkSafeBC determined vehicles and workers were routinely driving and walking through the sewage.

In addition, there was no evidence that the firm had a system to ensure deficiencies were addressed by its subcontractor. As the prime contractor of a multiple-employer workplace, the firm failed to do establish and maintain a system of regulatory compliance.

Tourmaline also failed to keep up-to-date written procedures for providing first aid at the worksite. These were both repeated violations.

Furthermore, as owner of a workplace, the firm failed to provide and maintain the land and premises to ensure the health and safety of people at or near the workplace.