DAWSON CREEK -- The body of a Dawson Creek woman killed in Mexico nearly two weeks ago is on its way home.

23-year-old Kiara Agnew was found dead at a resort in Playa del Carmen on March 3rd. 

Kiara’s family said she went on what was supposed to be a “dream vacation” to celebrate her upcoming 24th birthday with her boyfriend, but that "turned into a nightmare" when they were notified of her death

According to a report from the CBC, Kiara’s family says her final flight will arrive in Edmonton, Alta., on Thursday night. The body will then be brought to Dawson Creek, B.C.

"As a family, we are so thankful and relieved to have her return," Agnew's aunt Katlyn Levesque told CBC News.

The CBC reports says the return of Kiara's body was delayed as Mexican police conducted an autopsy and continued their investigation .

Kiara’s family describes her a loving and caring person.                                         


                               Investigation into Kiara’s death continues


Mexican police have told the family that Kiara’s body was found in the laundry room of the resort. According to the Mexican government, a hotel worker found Kiara’s body and the alleged suspect sleeping beside her on the floor.

According to the Riviera Maya News, the employee pointed out “26-year-old Ryan “N”, originally from Canada, who presented apparent blood stains on his clothes and swelling on his hands and next to him, a woman lying face up on the ground with visible injuries and blood stains,” the SSP reported.

Mexican police say they believe there was enough evidence to immediately arrest the Canadian man on suspicion of murder.

A man from Dawson Creek has being detained for the suspected homicide of his 23-year-old girlfriend at the resort south of Cancun.

So far no charges have been laid. The family says if a trial is to be held, they have been told it will be held in Mexico

GoFundMe page has raised more than $28,000 towards bringing Kiara home and to help with funeral costs.

Details of funeral arrangements have yet to be announced by the family

Levesque says the family's main goal now is "to get Kiara the justice she deserves. She deserves justice. She deserves for the truth to come out."