FORT ST. JOHN, BC -- The SPCA has recued ten dogs from a remote property more than two hours north of Fort St. John.

The dogs, crosses between malamutes and huskies, were left outside on their own after their owner was hospitalized. SPCA officers say they were kept tethered outdoors without food or water.

The owner was contacted in a hospital in Edmonton. He surrendered the dogs to the SPCA, as he didn’t know when he would return and had no one else to care for them.

The SPCA officers provided food and water for the dogs and checked each one over for any immediate health concerns.

“The dogs ate voraciously,” says Eileen Drever, senior officer for the SPCA. “Once they had been fed, they settled right down and were very calm and friendly.”

The SPCA transported six of the dogs to Prince George by cargo plane, and the remaining four by road.

“The dogs are in good health overall and appear quite friendly,” says Drever. “We’re just relieved that we were able to get them off that remote property and somewhere safe and warm where they will receive the on-going care and attention that they need.”