DAWSON CREEK -- It was a scary situation for residents of a Dawson Creek apartment building on Friday night after two people on a balcony were shot.

It happened just before midnight in the 800 block of Watson Crescent.

Witnesses tell CJDC TV News that a group of people on a third floor balcony were arguing with a man who was in sitting in a truck below.

The suspect in the vehicle, is believed to have said to the group, “say one more thing.” Witnesses say someone on the patio said something derogatory back and that’s when the shooting began.

Witnesses say the suspect shot at the group and hit a man and woman. The man was shot in the leg, while the woman was shot in the hip.   

The male victim was taken to the Dawson Creek Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The woman was transported to hospital in Prince George.

Immediately following the gunshots, a pickup truck with four people was seen leaving the scene headed north. The vehicle has been described as an older Dodge Ram, between 2003-2007 with rust on the fenders.

Police have not yet identified the occupants of the vehicle and would like to speak to anyone who may have information on who the suspects may be. The victims were unable to provide information on the identity of those involved.

Pictures of inside the third floor apartment show where a bullet ripped through a kitchen wall into the living room.

Residents say they have reached out to the property management company a number of times in the past few months. They have demanded that Northview Property Rental do something to mitigate the number of violent incidents that have taken place in the building lately.

They say nothing concrete has been done to protect the residents and the children who live in the building. A call to Northview was not returned.