As containment progresses on the Battleship Mountain and Bearhole Lake fires, there is good news for several smaller wildfires across the Peace Region as well.

The Folded Hill Creek wildfire, which has been burning since late July, is now under control. That fire is burning on the northern side of Williston Lake, just across from the Battleship Mountain wildfire. Its final size is 1,661.7 hectares.

The Hasler Flats wildfire, about 30km southwest of Chetwynd, is now under control as well. That fire grew rapidly in early August and was previously classified as a Fire of Note. It is now contained at 213 hectares.

Several other small wildfires are now under control as well.

Just four out-of-control fires are still burning in the Peace Region. The largest is 200 hectares in size, burning roughly 40km south of Tumbler Ridge.