CHETWYND -- An accident west of Chetwynd has claimed the life of a truck driver.

Chetwynd RCMP say it happened last Friday around 9:00pm on Highway 97 in the Pine Pass.

Mounties say the semi slid off the highway and down a steep embankment.

The driver suffered serious injuries and was stuck in the cab for close to 12 hours. Police received a call Saturday morning from Argo Road Maintenance saying a truck had slid off the road.

When police arrived at the scene, some members had difficulty walking because the road was so icy.

A Search and Rescue Team had to be called in to rappel down to the driver because of the steep terrain.

When rescuers finally got to the man, he was still alive. However a source tells CJDC TV News, the man died from his injuries at the scene shortly after.