A porcupine attack in Arras left a dog with 150 quills around his mouth.

Garth is a 5 year old Norwegian and Akita cross who lives in Arras with his owner Amanda Fossum.

Fossum said Garth came across a porcupine, last week.

He came back to his owner with over 100 quills around his mouth.

Fossum rushed him to the vet’s office where he was given anesthesia and had the quills removed.

Some were even removed from his gums.

Fossum said it was, “stressful because I’ve heard of dogs getting them in their throats. It’s not the first I’ve seen dogs with a porcupine but that’s the first time it’s been to that extent.”

She said, “it’s a really hard thing to prevent. You don’t know that there’s a porcupine in the yard until it’s too late.”

The SPCA said porcupines are generally out at night and that they only attack when threatened.

Fossum said Garth has healed well since he had the quills removed.