DAWSON CREEK -- Much of the Peace Region saw their first snowfall of the season on Tuesday.

Environment Canada issued a snow warning and most of the area received 5-10cm of snow, and up to 20cm near the Rockies.

RCMP warns against the dangers of driving in winter conditions, and they advise drivers to adapt to winter driving conditions early.

The police say, weather-related car accidents are most frequent at the beginning of the snow season.

“There’s always that period of transition in which it takes a period of time for drivers to realize that winter’s actually come and they need to adjust their speed,” said Staff Stg. Damon Werrell, Detachment Commander for Dawson Creek RCMP.

RCMP is advising drivers to slow down when roads are icy or snowy, as posted speed limits are for clear conditions.

As of October 1st, winter tires are required to drive on several highways across the province.