DAWSON CREEK -- According to Police, a man living in Kin Park, accused of trying to lure children in Grande Prairie, was bear sprayed, beaten and hit by a car by vigilantes.

Dawson Creek RCMP said they received reports of a group online saying they were trying to find the man.

Mounties said they did eventually find him.

According to Police, the men vandalized and destroyed his vehicle.

RCMP said the man was chased and then bear sprayed. 

He was then hit by a car and then beaten with a metal object.

Police said he received facial injuries and a number of broken bones.

He was rushed to the Dawson Creek hospital and then transported to a new medical facility.

The RCMP will not release the name of the hospital to protect the man’s safety.

On a Facebook post on Wednesday, a number of Dawson Creek residents said the man had attempted to lure a child away from their parents and had even attempted to break into their house.

Numerous calls to the Grande Prairie RCMP to confirm the information have gone unanswered.  

Dawson Creek RCMP said all of the details were unconfirmed and reminded residents to use caution when reacting to online posts.

They also said the man was not a danger to the public.

The man spoke to CJDC-TV yesterday and denied all of the allegations.

He said he was only fined $600 for having a marijuana cigarette in his car. The man said, “I was told to get out of Grande Prairie by a Peace Officer.”

The man said since then, he was living in his SUV in Kin Park.

He said he hadn’t been charged for any crimes he’s accused of. 

The investigation into his assault is ongoing.