DAWSON CREEK -- A Dawson Creek filmmaker is premiering her first documentary film on Friday night.

Tryna Gower is unveiling her first movie called ‘People for Peace’ at the Kiwanis Centre for the Performing Arts.

Gower has wanted to be a fillmaker since she was a young girl. She says the goal is to inspire individuals to find inner peace in order to create it on the outside.

The film focuses on 4 individuals from the Treaty 8 Territory who have started on their journey to find inner contentment.

Kalyn Sloan, the writer for the movie said, “It guides and inspires people who don’t know where to start on that journey.”

'There's a lot of trauma, there's a lot of drug abuse, there's a lot of sadness, there's a lot of disconnect, loneliness, loss of self. So what we're trying to create is something that guides people and inspires them to start looking at themselves,” said Gower.

The women both say that finding an inward connection, stepping into your own power and  building that relationship with yourself in the momentum, that builds a pathway to peace.

'How can I do that when I've got so much chaos going on around me or the lifestyle that I'm currently pursuing isn't in alignment with what I really want for myself? There's kind of a layer of fear and disconnect that's the major resistance. How do you break through that? Where do even start with something like that? That's what we were hoping to kind of give some people some ideas through watching the film,” said Sloan.

Gower and Sloan are also producing an 8 series podcast that will begin in this fall.

Doors open at 6:30pm on Friday at the Kiwanis Performing Art Centre in Dawson Creek. The film begins at 7:00pm. Admission is by donation.