DAWSON CREEK -- The Peace River Regional District (PRRD) is discussing with residents of Dawson Creek south, Briar Ridge, and Riley's Crossing to possibly expand fire services to 337 properties in the areas.

Board Chair Brad Sperling said, "Residents of those areas have been asking the PRRD and City of Dawson Creek to consider a service expansion for several years." 

People in the area attended a virtual town hall meeting to get more information and ask questions about the expansion, they have also been sent information packages with a survery included to share their thoughts with PRRD. 

"This is only a proposal at this point. We know some residents support the idea, but we really need to hear from as many people as possible in this engagement process before the Regional Board can make a decision on the bylaw amendment that this proposal would require," said Sperling. 

If approved, the new service would be paid for by adding a tax on property owners in the three areas.

The final results will be presented to the Regional Board in August as to whether or not the PRRD can go ahead with the expansion.