FORT NELSON -- A wildfire in Fort Nelson that forced thousands to flee the community is once again burning out of control.

The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) announcing the status of the Patry Creek wildfire has changed from 'being held' to 'out of control.'

The fire is expected to grow beyond its current perimeter, suspected to have been sparked by lightening. 

However, the BCWS says the change in status does not mean there is any immediate thereat to Fort Nelson.

The service is citing warm, dry, and windy conditions over the last two days are contributing to the fire's growth.

The wildfire service is also warning of possible temporary road closures in the coming days.

There are currently 227 firefighters, 23 helicopters, and two pieces of heavy equipment assigned to fight the Patry Creek, Parker Lake, and Nogah Creek wildfires.