DAWSON CREEK, BC -- The Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede wrapped up Sunday night, and organizers say the 100th Anniversary edition was a huge success.

Over 35,000 people attended the 5-day event. A preliminary count shows the fair took in roughly $720,000 in sales. That’s not counting the profits from the Midway, which saw one of its biggest turnouts ever.

Dawson Creek Exhibition Association President Connie Patterson mentioned the only event which saw a lower turnout than expected was the opening night convert with Tim Hicks and Shawn Austin.

However, both overall attendance and sales were significantly up from last year.

“Everything was really good, lots of crowds, lots of people that came,” says Patterson. “Our Elite Indian Relay Race was an absolute hit with the crowd. We packed the grandstand, no room for anybody else to sit. It was super.”

Patterson went on to thank everyone who came out to this year’s exhibition for helping to make the event a success.