DAWSON CREEK -- The uprise in COVID-19 cases has caused schools in B.C. to postpone their start date to Monday, January 10.

Students at Northern Lights College will be returning to in-person classes starting Monday.

Staff at Northern Lights College say they have been working on a plan for a phased return but with the amount of cases in the Province, they are also preparing for the possibility of remote learning.

“The faculty is at work but the students aren't in class. They're getting ready for contingencies. We've been here before now, it's just a matter of gearing up,” says Northern Lights College president, Bryn Kulmatycki.

Most students used this week as an extended Christmas break, while other students in programs such as trades, started remote classes.

“There are some programs in the trades that are time sensitive, these students have started remote learning this week,” added Kulmatycki.

Kulmatycki says depending on the amount of cases, the staff and students should prepare for either hybrid or remote learning.