Northern Health will soon be sending out letters to parents about their children’s vaccine status.

Any child missing immunization information will get a personalized, sealed letter from the health authority. The letters will show which immunizations the student has received, which ones appear to be missing, and how to catch up on the missing vaccines.

Most students will receive their letters by mid-to-late February. Students in distance education programs could receive their letters by early February.

Letters will not be sent to students who are up to date with all their recommended immunizations. Students in grades 6 and 9 also won’t get them, since their records were reviewed earlier in the school year.

Northern Health states that these letters are meant to encourage catch-up of missed immunizations, as well as ensure their records are up-to-date for all school-aged children. They say this will help will help them react better in the event of a school-related communicable disease outbreak, by enabling targeted service delivery.