FORT NELSON -- Northern Health has apologized after sexually suggestive cards were handed out to grade 8 and 9 students in Fort Nelson last week.

The cards were given to the students by a public health nurse as part of a presentation on sexual health.

Northern Health said, “We are aware of concerns being raised about the age-appropriateness of some of those resources and we apologize for any discomfort that may have resulted.”

The health authority said the materials themselves, like many sexual health information resources, are available online and come from a credible source for evidence-based information.

The MLA for Peace River North is taking issue with Northern Health’s apology

Dan Davies said, “This is not all an apology. It is basically saying, we are sorry we offended you but your kids can find this online anyways.”

A spokesperson for the group that invented the cards told the National Post that they were never intended for minors in schools.

“This resource in particular is for gay, bi, queer men, said Chris Thomas, spokesman for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. “Generally we use them in bars and bathhouses.”

Northern Health says it is reviewing the resources that its staff are providing to students, with a focus on ensuring that materials are considered age-appropriate.

Davies has sent a letter to BC’s Health Minister saying this has happened before in Fort Nelson and in Chilliwack.

Davies is asking Adrian Dix to ensure it never happens again.