FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- It’s Airport Safety Week in Canada.

From September 24th until October 1st, the North Peace Regional Airport is following safety week.

Canadian Airports Council is leading the week, with 16 airports participating around the country.

Monday they focused on COVID-19 safety protocols. On Wednesday they focused on aviation safety and security and Friday they will be talking about foreign object damage (FOD) to airplanes.

At the start of the pandemic, airports quickly responded to the COVID-19 health measures.

They're using this week to remind employees of the safety protocols in place.

“We reinforce safety and security all year round with all the airport stakeholders and also the airport passengers and other users, but this is really an opportunity to really focus on these issues, the safety, the security, the FOD issues, those sort of things, and really drive home that message to all the airport stakeholders, “ says Mike Karsseboom, Manager of North Peace Regional Airport.

This is the first year the North Peace Airport is a part of the Canadian Airport Safety Week.