FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- Some tough news for fans of the North Peace Hockey League and Fort St John Flyers.

After careful consideration, it was announced to team representatives via conference call, there would be no N.P.H.L season for 2021-22.

It's the second year in a row without senior men's hockey in the peace as the pandemic halted a 2020 season from making it to the ice.

Fort St. John Flyers had already announced a hiatus from the league back in september and would not have participated this year if there were to be a season played.

With the flyers missing another season, it creates a big hole for sports fans across the city.

Paul Van Nostrand, Flyers Team President, says fans are curious to know when the team, and league, could return. "Hockey is very important to this community. The huskies are very important. The senior flyers are very important. I get asked all the time about when we are going to get going again. Hopefully next year. It is very important to the city.”

Van Nostrand also says the longer the league stays dormant, the harder it will be to start back up.