DAWSON CREEK -- It’s been over one week since more police resources arrived in Dawson Creek as a result of an in increase in gun violence in November.

Dawson Creek RCMP saying there has been no instances of shots fired since the end of November.

During a 4 day stretch starting on November 25th, there were 5 reports of shots fired in Dawson Creek.

Police tell CJDC TV that they have received a lot of positive feedback from the community about the increased visibility of officers on the streets.

Local Mounties also said the full support that they have received from the North District RCMP and E Division has greatly benefitted the community of Dawson Creek.

Police say that officers from other parts of BC and the Uniformed Gang Enforcement team will remain in Dawson Creek for the foreseeable future.

Mounties said that while there have been no arrests relating to the shots fired incidents, active files are being investigated.