FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- It's the season for midterms for many students at Northern Lights College.

They can sometimes count for close to 50% of the total mark for the semester.

One exam is hard enough, but writing multiple midterms in a two-week span can take a toll on students’ mental health.

"College programs can make it very stressful or very difficult for students to focus. Where they want them to focus when they have all kinds of other things going on in their lives," says Amanda Dewar, Psychologist at Strength Counselling Services.

With so much on the line, students are feeling the pressure.

"I feel good about this one, I have a few next week and I’m feeling a little stressed for those but I’m sure if I study I’ll feel better,” says Tanniesha Demers, student at Northern Lights College.

"Just trying to study as much as I can but it's important to not be pressured much," says Carson Mayer, student at Northern Lights College.

But for students who are feeling stressed, the college is offering help. This is including the Mental Wellness Student Support Program.

"They provide mental health awareness workshops and other resources if we need help with anything during exam season," says Demers.

It's hard to balance multiple classes at once, often self-care takes a back seat.

"Talking about the issues is extremely important, as well as making sure that they're setting their lives up for getting adequate sleep and adequate nutrition," says Dewar.

But oftentimes, the ability to put mental health first during times of stress is the most important thing a student can do.

"For students to talk about what's happening, if they're harbouring it all inside and they don't know how to deal with it themselves, then they can get locked in that feeling and it can lead to things like depression and greater anxiety,” says Dewar.

However, some students won't show or don't recognize their struggling.

"Generally, what we'll see is that they're not sleeping well, they're not eating well. they may be trying to mask what's really going on by partying too much, drinking too much consuming, illicit substances and avoiding responsibilities,” says Dewar.

Dewar says to be successful during exam week, students need to focus, take care of themselves, and not procrastinate.

"So, making sure that when you're preparing for exam season that you're focused on exam season and not spending time with your friends and leaving things to the last minute because that adds to all the stress you’re already experiencing as students," says Dewar.

Any students interested in reaching out to the Mental Wellness Student Support Program at Northern Lights College, call 1-844-451-9700 or download the “My SSP” app.