FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- It seems that how we consume information is at a crossroads. Many still watch traditional newscasts or read the morning paper. Others rely simply on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

One local podcaster is now changing the face of what news looks like in the Peace Region.

Kevin Willeboordse is the voice behind the mic for the 'Kevin Unscripted' Podcast.

Releasing over 20 episodes since July of this year, Kevin has talked to Mayors, City Councillors, Athletes, Comedians and more.

All of his guests are from around the Peace Region, giving his local podcast a voice that can be heard all around the world.

"What better way to get a better understanding than to start out with the people that are right in our local towns? And who are these people? What are their perspectives and hurdles?” Says Kevin, “We all have opinions based off of our perceptions. I thought it would be a really good idea to have them come on and luckily a lot of them have been more than willing to come on. I’ve learnt a lot in that process too".

Kevin spent nearly 6 months preparing his garage studio for a podcast. Microphones, Soundboard, Monitor, and Table. All of the things serious podcasters think of to create a good sound and environment.

There is also countless hours of scheduling and preparing for each guest Kevin puts into a single episode. This doesn't go unnoticed by those invited to share their voice on the podcast.

Brian Paterson, Wildlife Consultant and Regional Coordinator, says he believes the 'Kevin Unscripted' Podcast is a great way to spread information locally.

"It’s just another sort of tool that I can use to get the message across. But I think it can be a really effective tool and it's growing in popularity obviously."

Kevin began his podcast with no previous broadcasting experience.

By day, he is an oil and gas worker who lives south of Taylor. In his spare time, Kevin has been able to do what journalists in the Peace Region can find at time to be maddening, he has been able to break down barriers and get local leaders to talk.

While growing his podcast may sound like a challenge, Kevin wants to maintain the integrity of what he's doing now.

"I’d like to stick with the local region and in person interviews. Where it goes? That’s kind of the interesting part. I’d like to go as big as possible of course but keep it as healthy and long form as possible"

Kevin is changing how news and information is being shared in the Peace Region. A reason why he says long form talks over a coffee or a drink are integral to how he feels about his craft.