FORT ST. JOHN -- Fort St. John residents are concerned about an alleged scam targeting homeowners.

According to countless social media posts, canvassers with Red Cross jackets were seen going door to door in multiple neighbourhoods across the city. Many people stated that they were coming late at night and acting suspiciously.

However, Fort St. John RCMP says it’s not a scam. In fact, the Red Cross sent out an email to the RCMP telling them they were going door to door.

Red Cross also confirmed the news. They said they received several complaints from the public. However, they say a team is in Fort St. John this week.

They’re advising residents to make sure canvassers are wearing Red Cross jackets and toques. They should also have an iPad in hand.

Canvassers will not ask for cash or a one-time donation but rather ask for a monthly subscription and give residents a link to to sign up.