HUDSON'S HOPE -- Hudson’s Hope is preparing for what’s expected to be a busy wildfire season.

The district is proposing to allocate just over $743,000 of its operating budget towards protective services and emergency preparedness.

In a draft, the district notes sharp increases in wages, training, and contract services as part of this year’s municipal emergency preparedness plan.

Emergency management contract services have increased by $140,000, with the district noting the increase stems from new requirements under the Emergency Management Act to conduct hazard assessments and update its emergency plan.

An increase of $25,000 will be used for EOC operations until provincial spending approvals are received.

The district also says there’s been a $7500 increase in training and development, due to mandated emergency management training for all staff.

Fire department expenses for volunteer stipend increased by 10,000 this year following a review of regional rates, while license and permits increased by $5000 due to radio licence fees set by Industry Canada.

A recommendation also looks to allocate an additional $40,000 towards the deputy fire chief’s wages.

Over the next five years, the district is projecting total expenditures for protective services and emergency preparedness to total over $4.1 million.