DAWSON CREEK -- As the heat wave continues, the cities of Dawson Creek and Fort St. John providing ways for residents to beat the heat.

In Dawson Creek Today, off-duty firefighters spending their day off setting up trucks on the lawn of city hall.

The trucks being used as a 'misting zone' giving children and families a chance to cool off while the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre and the public library are also doubling as cooling centres.

The city set a new temperature record Monday of 30.9 C, beating the record set back in 2015 of 30.8 C.

In Fort St. John, residents can take a break at the Pomeroy Sport Centre.

The North Peace Cultural Society, North Peace Leisure Pool, and shopping centres are also open.

The City confirming the air-conditioned facilities will be open during regular business hours.

Discussions are currently being held in Fort St. John looking into the requirements to provide the city's unhoused with appropriate accommodation.

The Rotary Spray Park is also open until 9:00 p.m. daily for children to get some relief.

People at risk, including those with lung and heart conditions, diabetes, pregnant people, infants, children, and older adults are being asked to consider postponing or limiting outdoor activities.

According to WorkSafeBC, Some of the things businesses can do to protect employees include setting up cooling areas with shade and water, providing air conditioning or increased ventilation, and planning for "appropriate work-rest cycles,"

Employees can also reduce personal risks by staying hydrated, resting regularly and wearing clothes that are light-coloured and loose-fitting.

WorkSafeBC accepted 49 compensation claims related to heat stress injuries last year.


*With notes from Andrew Weichel, CTV News Vancouver.