POUCE COUPE -- B.C’s Health Minister responded to comments from the Mayor of Pouce Coupe, after Lorraine Michetti flouted COVID-19 conspiracy theories about Intensive Care Units in Northern BC.

At the end of September, Michetti sparked outrage from health care workers after she suggested, in a Facebook post, she does not believe hospitals are being overrun with COVID-19 patients.

The post read: "I want to see these hospitals where the COVID unvaccinated people are. We all know the news lie!"

When asked about the comments, Adrian Dix didn’t mince words. In referencing Michetti’s comments, Adrian Dix said, those who don’t believe what is happening to BC’s healthcare system should talk to the doctors and nurses who are treating people in Northern BC.

"Our healthcare workers deserve better than leaders suggesting that they're not dealing with what has been an unbelievable pressure in our ICU's from people sick with COVID-19. It is a very challenging time," said Dix.

A physician who works part-time in Fort St. John called for Michetti to resign. Dr. Paul Mackey said the statement is "outrageous".

Dr. Mackey called it the "gaslighting of health care workers of the most egregious kind."

CJDC-TV News reached out to Mayor Michetti regarding her comments about the media lying about ICU's being overrun.

She was asked what she had to say about our story showing ICU doctors in Prince George pleading for help as they were being overrun by COVID-19 patients.

Michetti said she did not see the story and then immediately repeated her claims.

"We all know the news lies. I need to see it for myself. I'm not taking a word from anybody," added Michetti

Earlier this year, Mayor Michetti was also asked to resign, after she made social media posts critics deemed to be racist and anti-semitic.