FORT ST. JOHN. -- The City of Fort St. John Fire Department will be hosting Engine Boss Training on Wednesday, June 11, 2022. The city says the required course provides the necessary training to fire departments for deployment throughout the province to assist in wildfire emergencies. It is estimated by the city there could be up to 100 participants and 25 fire vehicles in Fort St. John, borrowed from neighbouring places, to participate in the training.

The City of Fort St. John Fire Department say they are looking for six properties to conduct walk-through training for the practical portion. They are looking for three properties directly beside areas with trees or forest and three properties surrounded by trees in Fort St. John or the surrounding area.

If you are interested in allowing the use of your property for training purposes, the City of Fort St. John Fire Department says to contact them at or 250-787-4333.

The city says the Engine Boss Leader Course simulates the many conditions, requirements and procedures encountered on actual forest fires. The 16-hour course is split into two portions, an online learning section and an in-person, hands-on component.