FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- The Fort St. John RCMP released their annual crime report ahead of a presentation at Tuesday's city council meeting. 

The total number of calls to police decreased by 276 last year to 11,672. While there was an increase of 94 calls for service in rural areas, Mounties responded to 370 fewer calls within city limits in 2021.

Police also reporting that criminal code calls were at a five year low only totalling 4111, while there were over 4400 in 2020.

As for the nature of incidents, RCMP responded to 158 violent crimes last year.

Common sssault increased for the fifth straight year. Another rise was assault to public officers which more than doubled with 14 acts in 2021 compared to six in 2020. Robbery, sex offences, uttering threats and aggravated assault also climbed year over year.

Meanwhile, there was consistency with the total number of impaired drivers, 445, which stayed the same between 2020 and 2021.

The number of fatal car accidents also held steady year over year at three. But Mounties reporting there were 98 injuries and damage-only collisions shot up to a five year high at 563.

The theft of vehicles increasing to 160 but theft from vehicles decreasing to 115 year over year. Other types of theft, shoplifting and mischief also rose in 2021.

There was moderate change in mental health related calls which totalled 349.

The RCMP also reporting less cocaine trafficking while other types of drug trafficking, like fentanyl, stayed the same. However, cocaine possession was at a five year high with 37 instances while other types of possession decreased. There were also fewer drug overdose calls and fatal overdoses dropped to 14 in 2021 from 15 in 2020.