FORT ST JOHN, B.C. -- A Fort St. John family is thanking everyone who has helped them through their fight with COVID-19.

Dwayne Binette posting this message on his Facebook page,

“Just like to say a huge thank you to the community of Fort St John. Your support for our family while Krystal was on life support was huge. There was times when we thought she wasn't gonna make it, and in those dark times I would receive messages from many of you. Your kind words and prayers really did help keep hope in our hearts. So thank you so much, proud to live amongst you all.

Also a huge thank you to Prophet River First Nations. Your support has been huge, thank you.

Krystal is healing, she was taken off life support last week. I am in Vancouver with her now. She has a long recovery road ahead of her. Her lungs are still healing and her muscles have atrophy and lost some muscle memory. So she has to build that back up. This happens with extended periods of life support. To think I almost lost her twice and how far she has come is a miracle. Our baby Skyler is doing amazing, growing and developing so good. Her stay in the hospital will be long but she's healthy.

Once again thank you all that supported us, Fort St John truly is a great place to raise a family.”

The post also contains recent images of Dwayne's wife, Krystal St. Pierre, and their newborn Skylar.

Krystal was formerly against the COVID-19 vaccine. Her health deteriorated quickly after contracting the virus.

On Thanksgiving Monday, when she visited Fort St. John hospital for a check-up, things soon escalated as by evening, she was medevacked to Victoria General hospital.

Krystal was transferred to Royal Columbian Hospital, doctors giving her a 10 per cent chance of surviving as she was almost 28 weeks pregnant at the time. To save the baby, and give Krystal a fighting chance to survive, doctors performed an emergency C-section while Krystal was under a medically induced coma. She was the first COVID-19 patient in the country to give birth while on an ECMO life support machine.

As Dwayne’s social media post points out, the baby was born successfully, now Krystal and Skyler will continue their stay in hospital as mother and newborn recover.