FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- With Christmas just around the corner, Fort St. John Firefighters have issued a reminder of potential holiday hazards. Christmas trees, candles, extension cords, space heaters, and big dinners are the leading cause of holiday fires.

Firefighters say, the kitchen is the most common place for fires to start. People often spend a lot of time there during the holidays but don’t always remember to check on their food while it’s cooking.

Christmas trees are the second most common hazard. Most real trees are extremely flammable, especially when covered in lights, or near a heater.

Alyn Stobbe says, there are many hazards and is reminding you to be careful when celebrating the holidays.

“Christmas time or thanksgiving, we tend to forget about our safety habits. We're visiting with family and friends, and so the old habits kind of fall by the wayside, or having a good time, and we just sometimes forget,” says Stobbe.

Stobbe also says if you are burning candles, it's safer to use a hurricane holder.