FORT ST. JOHN, BC -- A Fort St. John brewery is reporting their second break-in in less than a week.

Mighty Peace Brewing Co. on 95th Avenue says 5 to 6 people broke into the pub early Monday morning. Security footage shows the incident occurred around 2:30am. The owners say the suspects broke through the glass door, then stole approximately $1000 worth of alcohol.

The brewery says another break and enter occurred around 12:30am last Wednesday, January 18th. RCMP have confirmed in that instance, the suspects also entered the building by smashing the front door. Police say security footage shows four suspects, believed to be youth, entering the building and stealing approximately a dozen bottles of hard liquor. 

Police say the suspects then departed on foot, walking eastbound on 95th Avenue. A photo shows a fifth person near the group, though according to Constable Chad Neustaeter, "it is unknown if the fifth person in the photo was an additional suspect or was a passerby." 

The pub's owners believe some suspects may have been the same in both instances. They also expressed frustration with petty crime in the community, and are asking for more help from the city and police.

In response to these concerns, the City of Fort St. John stated that they continue to fund the RCMP adequately, and that police have recently made several arrests of prolific property offenders. The public is advised to continue to report suspicious activity, and provide any photos and videos that may assist the police in ongoing investigations.