Showers are in the forecast in the area of the Battleship Mountain wildfire, which could help decrease fire behavior.

Thicker clouds are expected in the region today, with showers that should become frequent by this evening. According to the BC Wildfire Service, the amounts of precipitation forecast are variable, but any rain along with cooler temperatures in the area will help wildfire crews make progress.

The wind is also expected to remain light, although it has shifted to blowing from the northwest. Gusts from that direction may cause some fire growth.

On Thursday, crews were hard at work conducting planned ignitions on the fire’s southwest edge. That significantly decreases the chances of the fire jumping beyond the control lines. Firefighters are continuing to fight the blaze from that side today.

Work is also continuing on the fire guard on the southeast flank. Unit crews are removing fuel in areas that can’t be reached by heavy equipment.

The size of the fire has not changed significantly in several days, and is still burning close to 30,000 hectares. Hudson’s Hope and the surrounding area remain under an evacuation order.

With files from The Canadian Press.