CHETWYND -- For the 11th time this year, Northern Health has announced a hospital diversion in Chetwynd.

Once again the emergency room at the Chetwynd Hospital is closed due to chronic staffing shortages.

The emergency room is closed on Monday from 8am until 8pm.

Northern Health said the latest closure was due to a shortage of physicians. The staffing shortage has plagued Northern Health for the past 3 years with no solution in sight.

Two weeks ago, CJDC TV News asked BC's Health Minister about his committment to an independent audit of Northern Health. Adrian Dix wouldn't answer the question directly instead saying, "I am not happy when an emergency room goes down."

The Health Authority is telling residents of Chetwynd that if they need life threatening emergency care to call 9-11, and that they would be transported to the nearest hospital.