FORT ST. JOHN -- The filling of the Site C reservoir has been delayed by a year.

Last year, B.C. Hydro announced the filling of the reservoir could take place as early as fall 2023. However, it’s now been pushed back to the original schedule of 2024.

According to Bob Gammer, manager of Site C community relations, it’s not due to any geotechnical faults. But rather, crews are still finishing work on the intake gates, spillways and approach channels.

“So what we have been trying to do is actually go a year early because we had been able to get a lot of key components advanced to a point where filling this fall was possible. However, we're at a point now where it's clear that there are still some work areas that need to be completed,” says Gammer.

The window to begin filling the reservoir is also closing due to the winter weather and colder temperatures.

Gammer says that resulted in staying on track with the original project schedule. He also says the project will still be completed within the $16 billion budget.

He says they do not anticipate any changes to the current budget. “This part of the project may have led to some savings but in terms of cost, we don't anticipate additional costs because we are sticking with the approved schedule.”

The project’s still on track to produce power in 2024 with the filling of the reservoir taking around four months. Gammer explains all six generating units will be in service by 2025.