DAWSON CREEK -- As advanced polls for the Federal Election close Monday night, Elections Canada says there has been a rise in the number of voters who cast their ballots early.

Just last Friday, the busiest of the four advanced voting days, around 1.3 million Canadians cast their ballots.

In comparison, that number was 1.2 million on the first day in 2019.

Andrea Morantz, an Elections Canada spokesperson, says Saturday and Sunday saw steady voting participation, and a few slower periods.

"It has been the case, over the last couple of elections, that advanced polls have been having more people vote during that time. It's been steadily increasing, and this year appears to be following right on our expectations."

Morantz adds although there have been isolated cases of problems at the polls, by and large people have been patient and civilized.

As far as registering to cast a ballot by mail, applicants can do so until Tuesday at 6 PM.

Mail-in ballot applications can filled at elections.ca, or by contacting Elections Canada.

A voting kit will then be sent by mail, with instructions on how to fill it out.

Postage will be included, but the ballot has to be received by Elections Canada before polls close on Election Day, September 20.

Alternatively, the mail-in ballot can be dropped off at a local polling station on Election Day.