FORT ST. JOHN -- Fall weather is helping firefighters with the wildfires across the Peace Region.

According to B.C. Wildfire, they’re seeing lower fire activity for the Stoddart Creek and Donnie Creek wildfires due to rain and cooler temperatures.

“They are continuing to receive additional precipitation in combination with the cooler, more fall-like temperatures and the good overnight recoveries in terms of humidity, they are seeing a decrease in fire activity across the zone,” says Sharon Nickel, information officer for the wildfire service.

They state that they’re not expecting any growth or increased fire activity for both wildfires.

There are currently 30 firefighters at Stoddart Creek, working to extinguish visible smoke along the perimeter of the fire.

“They're going to continue pushing southwest with mop-up activities. We do have another unit crew that has joined today and they'll be working along that southwest flank from Stoddart Creek,” says Nickel.

For the Donnie Creek fire, there are 25 firefighters and three attack crews are on the scene. They’re working along Fontas Road, where there are currently area restrictions. The crews on the southwest side of that fire and are currently working on patrol and mop-up in that area.

There's no immediate threat to the infrastructure. “Any of the fires that are in the area of oil and gas facilities also took some precipitation and there's no anticipated growth or increased activity expected on that,” explains Nickel.

Additional fire crews are expected to join both fires this week.