DAWSON CREEK -- An Evacuation Order and an Evacuation Alert have been issued for the Peavine Creek wildfire.

The Peavine Creek wildfire is burning out of control 5 kilometres south of Tomslake. The fire is currently one of five “Wildfires of Note” burning across British Columbia.

It was discovered on Tuesday and has grown to 1,250 hectares in size. and is believed to have been caused by lightning. The fire is considered out of control.

The Evacuation Order applies to the following areas:

  • from the BC/Alberta border west to Gunter Bridge;
  • southwest along with One Island Lake Road to the One Island Lake Bridge;
  • from that point, continuing east/southeast following the Kiskatinaw River, then east along Cutbank Creek to the Cutbank Dam at Hwy 52E;
  • following South along the west side of Hwy 52E to km 212;
  • east to a point of intersection with the BC/Alberta border; and
  • north along the BC/Alberta border for 14.5 km.

This order does not apply to First Nations communities or municipalities as they issue their own Orders and Alerts.

An Evacuation Alert has also been issued for the area and replaces the alert issued for West Kitkatinaw River, which has been cancelled as some of the properties in that original alert area are now under Peavine Creek evacuation order.

The community of Kelly Lake and areas listed below that were previously under the West Kiskatinaw evacuation alert are now under the Peavine Creek Evacuation Alert, including:

  • from the BC/Alberta border east past km 235 of Hwy 52E;
  • south to the One Island Lake Bridge;
  • northeast along the north side of One Island Lake road to Gunter Bridge;
  • east to the BC/Alberta Border; and
  • north along the BC/Alberta border for 22 km.

As well as areas:

  • from km 212 of Hwy 52E south along the east side of the Hwy to KM 194;
  • east to the BC/Alberta border;
  • north along the BC/Alberta border for 21.5 km; and
  • east to Km 212 of Hwy 52E.

As of Thursday in B.C., there were 82 wildfires burning across the province, and a total of 382 wildfires had sparked since April 1.

Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness Bowinn Ma said at a news conference that the 520,520 hectares burned so far this year already exceeds the total amount burned in 16 of the last 20 wildfire seasons in the province.

Ninety-nine per cent of the burned area has been in the Prince George Fire Centre in the northeast of the province.

For urgent questions or concerns, please call 1-800-670-7773. Further information about Evacuation Orders and Alerts will be posted at prrd.bc.ca, and wildfire updates are posted at bcwildfire.ca.