CHETWYND -- Residents of Chetwynd are being notified of yet another hospital diversion.

The emergency room at the hospital was closed from 8am on Saturday to 8am on Sunday. After a bried re-opening, the emergency room was closed once again on Sunday night until Monday morning.

Chronic staffing shortages are once again to blame, this time it is a lack of doctors available to work.

3 years ago, CJDCT TV News asked BC’s Health Minister if he would demand that an independent audit be conducted of Northern Health, due to staff shortages at the time.

Adrian Dix said he would be in favour of an audit, but before that would happen Dix said he would like to see a number of things happen, including staff recruitment programs.

According to the MLA for Peace River North, the initiatives Dix called for have failed to solve the problems that continue to plague Northern Health.

Just last month, Dan Davies once again renewed calls for the Health Minister to conduct an audit. Those calls have fallen on deaf ears at the Ministry of Health

In the event of a service interruption, Northern Health says residents should still call 911 if they are experiencing a medical emergency and they will be transported to the nearest hospital.