HUDSON'S HOPE, BC -- There is some good news for residents of Hudson’s Hope when they are able to return to their homes – work is still progressing on the water treatment plant.

The plant was started back up on Saturday evening at the request of the structural protection team run by the Hudson’s Hope Emergency Operations Centre.

Staff then began injecting chlorine into the system and flushing several hydrants to circulate water throughout the distribution system. This work will continue for the remainder of the week.

After that, water samples will be taken next Tuesday and Wednesday. The samples will be sent to Northern Health for testing. If two consecutive samples come back positive, the “Do Not Consume” order can be lifted. If the samples fail, staff will continue the flushing and then take a new set of samples.

Hudson’s Hope has been under the Do Not Consume order for over a month, after the water treatment plant broke down in late July.

District staff have also met with BC Hydro. Mayor Dave Heiberg says “further Hydro financial commitment has been made to support moving to a water source that meets the expectations of the community.”

BC Hydro has already committed to reimbursing the District up to $500,000 for costs related to the plant’s failure.