DAWSON CREEK -- A Dawson Creek woman is counting her ‘lucky stars’ after a lottery ticket she bought contained the name of her deceased father.

Lisa Carrier lost her father Jack almost 20 years ago. She was looking for a sign that he was at peace.

So Lisa and her mother went to the Dawson Creek Mall to buy a couple of scratch and win tickets in an effort to find out. 

“My inner voice said, pick behind the glass. There's two tickets left, so I picked the two tickets that were there. I won $50 on one ticket. Then on the second ticket, it had his name on it. On the right hand corner, it was Jack and then on the bottom left, it was Carrier," said Lisa

Lisa said they both started crying when they realized they bought a miracle ticket. Lisa said it was the sign she was looking for that her dad was okay.

“I’m still in shock and going to keep the ticket and get it framed,” said Lisa

The 'Winning Words" tickets from the BC Lottery Corporation contains close to 27,000 words to choose from. Users scratch the tickets to match words to win prizes. 

The BC Lottery Corporation said while they no longer print the ‘Winning Words’ tickets, they couldn't be more thrilled for Lisa.