DAWSON CREEK -- The city of Dawson Creek keeps roads and parking lots plowed throughout the winter months, but it’s up to residents to keep driveways and walkways cleared.

For seniors, not being able to leave their homes due to snow piled cars and walkways, can bring the feeling of helplessness.

However, there are services in the city ready to help those in need.

Better At Home has volunteers from Dawson Creek, who are ready to help any senior who needs snow cleared.

Carmella Maga, volunteer coordinator says it’s important for people to be able to leave their home.

“Even if they don’t need to leave their home at least they know they can, they can get groceries delivered if they need to, an ambulance might not be able to get to them if they're way or walk ways are not clear. It’s important, it's very important,” says Maga.

Those who want to register to volunteer or for snow removal can call Better at Home at 250-782-2341.