DAWSON CREEK -- The recent cold snap and current drought conditions in the Peace Region is affecting the water supply in Dawson Creek.

With that in mind, the City of Dawson Creek has activated Stage 2 Water Conservation Measures effective February 5, 2024 until further notice.

According to the City of Dawson Creek, during Stage 2 Water Conservation Measures a person must not:

- water lawns, except for on specified days and times by specific addresses
- use a hose providing water to wash boats or motor vehicles, unless the hose is equipped   with an automatic shut-off device
- haul bulk water for non-potable use

Hauling bulk water for non-potable use is the key area that will be affected during these winter months.

The city says this restriction does not in any way impact drinking water for rural residents or impact commercial hauling for drinking water.

Mayor Darcy Dober said the restrictions are a precautionary measure.

Water levels in the Dawson Creek area are currently being affected by existing drought conditions, the recent frigid temperatures and a recent increase in demand from industry.

The Province of British Columbia is experiencing a historic period of drought. The northeast of the province, including Dawson Creek, is at the highest and most severe level of drought.

The Kiskatinaw River upstream from the City’s intake reservoir is likely frozen due to the recent cold spell.

This has resulted in the river levels dropping, and the flow of the river could not keep up with the City’s current pumping rate.

Pumps were switched off in order to monitor the levels and gain a better understanding of current pumping capacity.